BCMCS A Timeline History (WIP)

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History of BCMCS

History of BCMCS

March 20, 1935

St Edmunds Produces ‘CHARLEY’S AUNT’

The popular play ‘Charley’s Aunt’ was released for amateur production on 1st January 1935 and St Edmunds was the first amateur society in the country to perform Charley’s Aunt on 16th and 20th March 1935 at the New School Hall, Eastbourne Grove. Related

November 30, 1934

St Edmunds Dramatic Society Joins St Edmunds Operatic Society

St Edmunds Catholic Operatic Society had been in existence for less than a fortnight when its Committee was approached by the Committee of St. Edmund’s Dramatic Society, who suggested the two society’s merge. As a result, at this second committee meeting, St. Edmund’s Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society was formed, with the intention of performing […]

November 18, 1934

Bolton Catholic Musical & Choral Society – The Foundations – 1934

November 18th 1934 saw the meeting at St Edmunds Church Hall which led to the formation of  BCMCS predecessor ‘St Edmunds Catholic Operatic Society’. The first committee meeting was held on  November 23rd 1934 for the appointment of the officers and a decision to host their first performances, ‘THE MIKADO’, at the new Eastbourne Grove […]

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